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            Welcome to Omantye.Eu.Pn-A site dedicated to free source codes for programmers and individuals who want to know about programming. You can download free Source code of various programs made in Basic and C++ Here. The codes are totally free. You can put a part of the code in your program but a link or text of out site address is highly appreciated.

            You can go to the C++ page to download some C++ related source codes and libraries. The C++ section also contains useful contents for the C programming language. Some of the codes are written in C and some are written in C++. You can download any content you like.
            You can go to basic page to download source code and libraries that are built for basic programming language (visual basic or Q- basic). Please go to Basic page if you are a basic programmer or are interested in Basic. Most of the codes are compatible with many other basic like free basic.

            The tutorial section contains some tutorials in different fields. The tutorial section contains tutorial not only in programming section but also in many other fields. You can view the tutorial online or download them to view them offline. You can't post the tutorials in your website but a link to our tutorials is allowed and also appreciated. You can contact us if you want to post the tutorial in your site.

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